Fit4U is a personal training service designed to give people of the Hills District an exciting alternative to boring stuffy gyms.

Fit4U offers you a new fitness experience. Train in the great outdoors in an affordable, friendly and fun environment.

We offer Personal Training Sessions and Group Training Sessions to help you achieve your best.



If you aren't training with Fit4U, then I've got great news for you — you can contact me right now and claim your free week​ trial.

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See what our clients have to say! 


Rachel Maitland 30 Years

I thoroughly enjoy my time training with Fit4U. Each session provides a great variety in exercises, and Shane and the other trainers are very inspiring and motivating, which makes going to the sessions very easy. I thoroughly recommend Fit4U to anyone wanting a fun, outdoors and friendly environment to exercise in. 


Peter Durie 44 years

When I started, I would struggle to do 5 pushups, couldn’t do a lap of the field without stopping and could plank for about 45 seconds.  The saddest thing is I actually thought I was ok fitness wise.  Now I can pound out 30+ pushups in a minute, under 5mins for 3 laps of the field and over 3mins with the plank.  The advantages of doing the training with Fit4U is that you get taught to do it right, the you are committed to a time so actually show up and do it, and its actually a lot of fun! The hardest thing about it? Getting off your butt and going to the first session, once you start, it makes such a positive difference to your life, you won’t look back!


Mark Cadman 45 Years

I have been training with Shane from Fit4u for at least 2 years now. Shane is focused, reliable and passionate about his business. The variety of exercises between cardio, strengthening and toning is excellent, meaning each class is different to the next. It has also been a terrific way to meet new people who share the same goals – to get fit, maintain fitness level and strive for more, whist having fun at the same time. 


Kirsten Downey 39 Years

I have tried numerous types of training over the years to get fit and lose weight, but this training is the only time I have seen sustainable and long term results. After 2 kids, things get a little hectic but the times and schedule is really flexible and Shane motivates you to get out the door! Thanks so much for all my results!


Daryll Maguire 41 Years

I’ve been training with Shane for around 2 1/2 years now and it’s become an integral part of my life, I wouldn’t be without it. As a result of 2 sessions a week my fitness, strength and overall health have improved greatly.


Robert Deceglie 50 Years

I like having fun getting fit in the outdoors and meeting people. I found that at Fit 4 U


Michelle Rymer 32 Years

I started training with Fit 4U in July 2009. I had started and stopped other fitness programs and was looking for something that would motivate me to keep going back. Well – this worked!!! I went straight into three sessions a week and kept to it, and have lost weight, toned up, made wonderful friends and my mental health has improved with the benefits of exercise and ‘time out’ from daily stress. To anyone out there considering joining… I say… Have a go! Come to the free trial and you’ll see how much fun we have and you’ll forget your actually exercising!


Linda Mackett 55 Years

I have been training with Fit4U for 5 years now, and can really feel what a difference it has made to my overall health and wellbeing.

I am one of the oldest clients and know that I am doing something positive about preventing age-related diseases such as osteoporosis and heart disease.
The classes are constructed so that everyone can work at their own pace, no matter what their age is.

Janice Emerton 50 Years

I love the fact that I can exercise outdoors, and not be cramped up in a stuffy gym.

Everyone is friendly, and it’s nice to be able to chat to fellow trainees when you’ve got enough breath!

Shane and his team are accommodating of people with injuries, and give alternative exercises where necessary.

Thoroughly recommended.


Erin Dooley 34 Years

I have been training at Fit4U for 4 1/2 years. This is the only exercise program I have tried that has given me long term health benefits. I look forward to training with friends each week and enjoy the variety and fun included in each session. The trainers have always been very supportive of my individual needs, allowing me to exercise through my pregnancy and helping me to achieve my goals since the birth of my twin boys.