Fit4U is a personal training service designed to give people of the Hills District an exciting alternative to boring stuffy gyms.

Fit4U offers you a new fitness experience. Train in the great outdoors in an affordable, friendly and fun environment.

We offer Personal Training Sessions and Group Training Sessions to help you achieve your best.



If you aren't training with Fit4U, then I've got great news for you — you can contact me right now and claim your free week​ trial.

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cWhat is Metafit?

METAFIT is a short exercise program developed in the UK, it is approx 30 minutes in length, aims to work the large muscle groups  at the same time, and raises your resting metabolic rate! (Hence the name!) 

Metafit uses only your body weight to do the workout in a combination of strength , endurance  and core exercises -done in intervals, therefore you get a short break in between each exercise. 

Metafit increases your resting metabolic rate….WHICH means you continue to burn calories long after the workout has finished!  (that's approximately 12-24 hours after depending on YOUR body fat.)

This is a fast and effective exercise program designed to get you super fit, in super short time. It also runs along to a motivating sound track which makes it is lots of fun!  

   Metafit is challenging for all fitness levels,  and is delivered in a safe & supported way.




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